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Grip Module Work (Sig P320®)

We finish the grip module off with full stippling with one of our five stipple patterns. Full size Grip modules do have an option for a slant nose cut. (All work is completed on a customer supplied Grip Module)

SIG P320 Compatible Drop In Trigger

Flat faced drop-in trigger with a trigger safety. Please note the trigger is designed for Fire Control Units that have gone through the SIG Voluntary Upgrade.

Pre-Stippled Sig P320® X-Carry Legion, M, Grip Module Legion Gray

Agency Arms Pre-Stippled Sig P320® X-Carry Tungsten (Legion) Grip Module (Legion Gray) This Grip Module is an X-Carry TXG Grip Module (Legion Gray), stippled with our Standard stipple pattern.

Pre-Stippled Sig P320® X-Carry, M, Grip Module

Agency Arms Pre-Stippled Sig P320® X-Carry Grip modules. Available in 4 stipple patterns: Standard, Coral, Aggressive Carry and Aggressive. ALL GRIP MODULES ARE "MEDIUM" 9/40/357 MODELS
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