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Discover the Holosun Ronin EPS Carry GR MRS green dot sight—compact, versatile, and perfect for everyday carry. Enhance accuracy with Multi-Reticle System technology!

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Introducing the Holosun RONIN EPS Carry GR MRS, a compact yet powerful green dot sight designed for everyday carry and tactical applications. Engineered with precision, this sight features Holosun’s Multi-Reticle System (MRS) that allows users to select from multiple reticle options for optimal targeting in diverse environments. The Ronin EPS Carry GR MRS combines a crisp 2 MOA dot with a 32 MOA circle, offering versatility for both precision aiming and rapid target acquisition.

Crafted from durable materials, the Ronin EPS Carry GR MRS ensures reliability in any condition, with a robust housing that is waterproof and fog-resistant. Its Shake Awake technology conserves battery life by powering on the sight when motion is detected and automatically shutting it off when idle. This feature ensures readiness at a moment’s notice without sacrificing power.

Ideal for concealed carry pistols, the Holosun Ronin EPS Carry GR MRS sets a new standard in compact optic performance, providing shooters with enhanced accuracy and confidence in every scenario.

Ronin models from Holosun are a collaboration with Tu Lam of Ronin Tactics. As a retired Army Ranger and instructor, Tu chose his favorite Holosun features to include in this optic and agreed to let Holosun feature his iconic dragon logo. The RONIN-EPS-CARRY-GR-MRS is an enclosed handgun sight designed for single or 1.5 stack handguns. EPS Carry features an aspheric lens for a perfectly clear sight picture and has an ultra-low deck height for compatibility with most factory iron sights. The RONIN EPS Carry includes a built-in rear sight, utilizes Holosun’s K footprint, and includes an RMSc-to-K footprint adapter plate for maximum compatibility.


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