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BLEMISHED Syndicate by Agency Match Grade Drop-In Barrel (compatible with Glock® 17)

DISCLAIMER: These barrels are blemished with minor manufacturing imperfections. Blemishes may include; missing coating, minor dings etc. These blemishes will not affect performance in any way. ALL SALES ARE FINAL AND ARE SOLD AS IS. There will be no returns on these items. Syndicate by Agency Barrels are for those who prefer a purely functionally minded design. While each of our lines maintain the same core accuracy and reliability, the Syndicate Line's focus is functionality and affordability for the end user.
$127.50 $170.00

EXA Pre-cut Slides (Glock® Compatible)

This is a pre-cut slide to have your existing slide machined, click here

Front Sight Plug

Billet plug for those who want to plug/protect their front sight hole on their slide or 417 compensator
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