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AOS Optic Cut+ Holosun Package Deal

Promotional Package Deal - Purchase a Holosun Optic and receive a discount on your optic cut.

$185.00 $225.00

Complete Pistol Build (Patrol Series)

(All build work is completed on customer supplied GlockĀ®) Build your perfect weapon. Fill out the form below to get started.

Frame Work (Patrol Series)

The Patrol Series was designed for Law Enforcement Officers. Frame work on this package includes removal of the finger grooves, traditional undercut, stippling of the frame and docking of the trigger guard. (All frame work is completed on a customer supplied Frame)

Bonesaw Slide (Glock®) - 50/50 Plan

The 50/50 Plan allows you to pay 50% of your build cost up front and wait until your weapon is ready to pay the remainder. The Bonesaw Slide is an exclusive slide cut we developed for Reactive Gunworks. It features two optional side windows (L & R), and aggressive top serrations. *Slide Serration count will change due to length of slide. (All slide work is completed on a customer supplied Slide)

RMR Optic Cut Glock®

Agency Arms Optic Cut Service For The Trijicon RMR *Full list of models below PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A SERVICE PERFORMED ON A CUSTOMER SUPPLIED SLIDE

Sage Dynamics Build Services

Signature pistol designed for Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics
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